Who Are We?

Whether you are a real estate agent, private landlord or solicitor, preparing a commercial property for rent is a challenging practice. From arranging a lease plan or asbestos survey to ensuring that every property is issued with a commercial epc (Energy Performance Certificate), there are a number of detailed tasks that can distract you from the bigger picture of handling your property interests or client requirements. At Spencer Banks, we have made it our mission to perform these small but necessary tasks on your behalf, while allowing you to get on with the job that you do best. With a network of multi-disciplined property and maintenance professionals to help us fulfil this vision, we will take pride to ensure that your properties are both compliant with UK building legislation and exceptionally well maintained.

Why Should You Use Our Services?

Our expert service offers comprehensive assistance to this diverse range of clients, and can play an intrinsic part in improving your efficiency and enabling you to focus on the strategic elements of your job. Given the relentless pace of property management and the number of maintenance and compliance issues that can develop across multiple disciplines, it is hard to sustain a quality of workmanship without the efforts of a consistent work force. We offer one single point of contact for you as a client, and with an emphasis on responding swiftly to instruction and delivering high quality workmanship our aim is to foster long term relationships and sustainable programs of maintenance. Fully insured and accredited, you can rely on Spencer Banks to deliver timely and efficient work.

How Do We Exceed Our Clients Expectations?

In employing our experienced network of tradesman and qualified building professionals, we consider our service to the best and most effective of its kind. Our highly skilled tradesmen are placed strategically throughout well populated and remote regions nationwide, and as an organization we pride ourselves on an ability to respond to a clients instruction within a matter of hours. By delivering a service that maintains the integrity of your property from its first structural survey to the development of long term building maintenance schedules, we have a long term vision that allows us to offer extremely competitive market rates and a continuity of service over time. With our 'Price Match Guarantee' also available on certain quotes, we will always strive to beat the competition and exceed your expectations as a client.