About Us

In developing our business model and carefully moulding a team of industry professionals, there was one clear goal that shaped our vision. This was the desire to deliver a service that retained long term custom, and establish sustainable professional relationships that would have mutual benefits for all parties involved. Even as our portfolio of clients has evolved we have strived to remain focused on this philosophy, and ensure that it influences every single task that we perform.

We are proud that this is reflected in the individual elements of service that we provide, from the speed and efficiency of our maintenance program to the long term nature of our development or building management services. When you consider this in line with our competitive and affordable rates, we believe that our service delivers each and every single client the ultimate value for their investment.

At the heart of such an ethos is the people who work tirelessly to implement it, and the employees at Spencer Banks have been instrumental in turning first time customers into long term clients. By applying the same level of care to every single task and property requirement, our clients can rest assured that everything from repairing a leaking faucet to carrying out a quality roof replacement will be handled in an efficient, prompt and cost effective manner.